MAGNUM® ClipIn® diffuser®

Mounting video/Installation Video

Easy-to-install ClipIn® connection - diffuser is installed within seconds.

Single Piece Injection Moulded support tube made of environmentally     friendly Poly Propylene(PP)

Single piece support tube leads to zero leakages and longer life.

The air is distributed through channel that extends along the entire     effective length of the diffuser.

Low buoyancy - PP support tube with anti buoyant design.

“Ridge” on support tube prevents folding of membrane.

Large membrane surface area per diffuser.

Suitable for installation on 80 NB / 90 mm (OD) round pipe.

Works efficiently in both sequential and continuous operation mode.

3 active membrane lengths available (1000, 1500, 2000 mm).

Hundreds of thousands of MAGNUMs® already in use all over the world.

Two excellent membrane materials available: FLEXNORM ® (EPDM) or     FLEXSIL® (Silicone)®

Product Brochure,Technical Data Sheets,Assembly and Operating Instructions etc.can be found in theDownloads

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