High Efficiency Systems

Depending on the type of plant and loads, Aeration consumes up to 70 % of the energy requirement in a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

The OTT HE® (High Efficiency) system with MAGNUM® HE diffuser with FLEXSIL® membranes provides significantly more energy efficient aeration systems in Waste Water Treatment Plants.

The membranes come with a lower perforation size with a special perforation pattern. This along with a smooth delivery of air till the last pore facilitated by the air channel across the length of the support tube and the right membrane configuration results in a very High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency and lower energy requirements even compared to normally used Fine bubble diffusers!

Higher Oxygen Transfer Efficiency in HE® System is due to

  • High surface / contact area due to lower bubble size.
  • Low rising velocity of bubbles – hence bubble stays for a longer time in waste water.
  • Spherical bubble shape & helical motion.

Higher OTE results in power savings up to 50% in conventional systems and up to 30% in normal diffused aeration systems.

Higher OTE also results in lower blower, motor, pipe, valve sizes resulting in lowering the capital costs of these and lowering the payback period to between 6 months to 11/2 years.

In a greenfield project, if OTT HE® System is installed in place of regular diffusers, the additional cost over regular diffused aeration system can be recovered in as low as 3 months! And from there on the client saves the cost of differential power between the two systems each and every day for years and years!!

This plant with HE® (High Efficiency) system with liftable diffuser grids conceptualized, erected and commissioned by us has resulted in a saving of 375 HP of power (Rs. 1,76,50,000/- per year @ Rs. 8/kwhr) with a payback period of 9 months.

Other highlights

Side water depth of existing Aeration tank with surface aerators was raised since lesser free board is required for Diffused Aeration as compared to Surface aerators resulting in significant increase in plant capacity ( 27 MLD to 34 MLD) in the same aeration tank!

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