OTT Tubular Membranes – Quality Made in Germany

OTT tubular membranes are available in EPDM (FLEXNORM®) and Silicone based rubber (FLEXSIL®)

FLEXNORM® – Bioresistant and Rugged

FLEXNORM® membranes are made of EPDM and are suitable for use primarily in Sewage treatment plants (STPs). Made from high quality raw materials including a biologically resistant plasticizer, they provide long service life even at air temperatures up to 80°C.

FLEXSIL® – Efficient and Durable

FLEXSIL® is a Silicone based rubber characterised by its superior chemical resistance properties and its anti-adhesive surface which is resistive to oils, greases, hydrocarbons and precipitating chemicals and is fully resistant to bioslime. Made of plasticizer-free materials, FLEXSIL® membranes are not subject to hardening. They are recommended for use in Effluent treatment
plants (ETPs) / complex wastewaters and also in those requiring long service
life and for plants with high submersion depths with compressed air temperatures up to 140°C.


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