Magnum Membrane Tube Air Diffusers

OTT MAGNUM® Diffusers – Patented Technology for Rapid Installation

Aeration tank with Magnum® 2000 Membrane tube air diffusers with FLEXSIL® membranes

OTT MAGNUM® tube air diffusers consist of single piece injection moulded polypropylene support tubes surrounded by membrane sleeves which are kept in position by stainless steel clamps.

The design of the membrane sleeve prohibits clogging of the pores which are self closing when air flow stops.

The air distribution channel extending over the effective length guarantees an even distribution of air.

OTT MAGNUM® tube air diffusers are available in standard effective lengths of 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000mm with EPDM (FLEXNORM®) or Silicone based rubber (FLEXSIL®) membranes.

MAGNUM® diffusers can be installed on 80NB/90OD pipes with 38(+0.5/-0.0)mm diameter holes. Their CLIPIN® connectors facilitate quick installation.

OTT MAGNUM® diffusers are available with a wide range of perforations:

OTT MAGNUM® HE (High Efficiency) diffusers [High Efficiency Systems]

come with 0.6mm perforations with a special perforation pattern and with an air throughput range from 1 – 6 Sm3/hr/mtr(diffuser length) are used for application in Aeration tanks which require very high energy efficiency. Due to the need of higher life these are available only in Silicone based rubber (FLEXSIL®) membranes.

OTT MAGNUM® Fine Bubble diffusers

come with 1mm perforations with an air throughput range from 2 – 12 Sm3/hr/mtr(diffuser length) are primarily used in Aeration tanks.

OTT MAGNUM® Coarse Bubble diffusers

come with 2mm perforations with an air throughput range from 4 – 24 Sm3/hr/mtr(diffuser length) are used in Equalization tanks for mixing and stripping.


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